Thursday, March 28, 2013


Drawing pen on A4 paper.

This drawing was finished by late September 2012, a commission for The Danse Society's new album "Scarey Tales". The illustration is based on one of their poem's verse:

"Moment frozen, the wind grew still
Temperature dropped, a ghostly chill
From above, the clouds did part
The only sound rabbit’s thumping heart

A shaft of moonlight shows the scene
Halcyon night no more serene
Illuminated the scarecrow moved
And showed his face all gnarled and grooved"

They also used another drawing of mine titled "Octopus" for the booklet (the booklet itself featured various artworks, poem and lyrics).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Euranth's Painted Prototype

Euranth's painted prototype revealed, release date is still tentative. Updates will be posted soon, also check out pe•cu•liar's blog for more info regarding my toy company.

"The age of Men will collapse, when nature shows its wrath"

Candlemass Rip-off

Drawing pen on A4 paper (2013), a tribute to the mighty Candlemass. Will be used for pe•cu•liar shirt design, final artwork below: